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The First NHL Team To Accept Crypto Is Here

San Jose Says Hello to Crypto

Photo Credit: Elliot from Castro Valley, California, USA (CC 2.0). Editing: Pregame Skate

Driving the News: As cryptocurrency headlines continue to dominate mainstream financial news flow many people are starting to take notice and act on the momentum. This includes the San Jose Sharks, which will become the first NHL team to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. While the list of acceptable cryptos is short right now, starting next season Shark fans will be able to purchase season tickets using bitcoin, ether, and dogecoin. Leveraging Bitpay, a crypto payments processor, the Sharks are also looking at other facets of their business where they may accept cryptos as a form of payment. This includes single-game tickets, suite purchases, food and beverage, and merchandise. Buying a beer with bitcoin while you watch some slapstonks sounds fun, no?

Why now? While the San Jose Sharks may be the first team in the NHL to accept cryptos as payment, they aren’t the first professional sports team to do so. The NBA’s Sacramento Kings had the foresight to accept cryptos as payment in 2014 when digital currencies were anything but mainstream. Over the past year, however, the MLB’s Oakland Athletics and NBA’s Dallas Mavericks now openly accept cryptocurrencies for payment. As for the Sharks, president Jonathan Becher said:

“We’re accepting PayPal, so then by definition, we’re accepting cryptocurrency. Why not embrace it and make it more visible as opposed to just doing it through a third party?”

What does it mean for the other teams and the NHL? Depending on its success and usage, other teams in the NHL may soon follow in their footsteps. For example, we could see the Seattle Kraken hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon. There’s already a cryptocurrency exchange and bank named “Kraken” that seems like a perfect fit.

On a more macro level, this might have further implications for the NHL as the league continually tries to grow the game. Cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges are always looking for ways to lock in partnerships that will expand their brands. Striking advertising partnerships with the NHL is one way that possibly could happen. Case in point, Crypto.com has become a huge advertising partner for a handful of NHL teams already.

The two real questions we have are:

1) Which NHL player is going to become the first one to sign a contract in crypto?

2) Will San Jose accept Baby Shark Token?

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