McDavid Watch: Is He Unstoppable?

Connor McDavid just put up one of the most prolific regular seasons since 1990 — can anyone stop him?

McDavid Watch

The Regular Season: Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid was quite literally in a league of his own this past season. McDavid put up 105 points in 56 games putting him on pace for 153 points in a full 82 game season. Not only that, the next highest scorer was 20 points behind him, and it was his linemate in Leon Draisaitl. The haters and critics will say he could only do this because he played in the weak North division. To that I say, why didn’t anyone else even come close? Maple Leaf stars Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner were about 40 points away in the same division… 40 points.

The Playoffs: The first challenge for the Edmonton Oilers and McDavid is the Winnipeg Jets. The Oilers have been a bad hockey team for the better part of the last two decades meaning McDavid has very limited playoff experience. Show even the most casual hockey fan a regular season game and a playoff game and they’ll notice that this is a different game. How McDavid handles the pressure and intensity of playoff hockey will directly correlate to the Oilers success.

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How/Can the Winnipeg Jets Stop Him? In Game 1, the Jets won 4-1 to take a 1-0 series lead. Looking deeper than that, McDavid was -2 and had only 2 shots on goal. McDavid’s biggest weapon is his speed, but to utilize speed in hockey you need space, something that is hard to come by in the playoffs. Ultimately, the Jets will need to take away his space if they want to contain him. I use the word contain for a reason. The greats in any sport have shown us something — if you can’t stop them, you try and slow them down. I have no doubt McDavid will have a 3-4 point game in this series, but the Jets can’t let it happen twice.

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Can McDavid handle playoff hockey?

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