Deep Dive: Tampa Bay's Powerplay

Our second subscriber only live call with Jordan Samuels-Thomas is this Monday.

Happy Thursday everyone, we're super excited to announce that our second subscriber only LIVE call will take place Monday night at 6 PM. If you haven’t subscribed yet, hit the button below. If you’re watching the playoffs right now, especially with an eye on the Lightning, this is a call you’re not going to want to miss.

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Call #2: Breaking Down Tampa Bay’s Powerplay with Jordan Samuels-Thomas

Mark your calendars for 6PM on Monday, April 15th. In that morning’s newsletter we will send out a unique conference call code through which you can dial-in to listen and ask questions. Our special guest for this call is Jordan Samuels-Thomas, who is playing his fifth year of professional hockey after a successful college career at Quinnipiac where he majored in journalism. Samuels-Thomas is using that degree in his spare time writing for The Athletic, discussing NHL topics like the Kings penalty kill struggles or the Predators chances at achieving more than just regular season success. JST recently broke down what makes Tampa Bay’s powerplay so unstoppable, and he will discuss this plus other story lines to follow as the playoffs get going.

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